Become a Pro at Parking and protect against knocks and bumps by installing front and/or rear sensors to your vehicle 


Using Parksafe products for our sensors you can be assured having a reliable system that can be programmed out for tow bars and vehicles with spare wheels attached 


Utilising high tech ultrasonic sensors they detect obstacles surrounding your vehicle giving you piece of mind when parking


installation takes on average 90 mins to complete a set of parking sensors taking time for a neat and professional install. This is why we offer a Free Colour match service to your vehicle at no extra charge making sure your vehicle remains original as possible because no one wants black sensor on a red car.


We would normally ask for the vehicles paint code when booking in. you can normally find this in your owners manual or by contacting your local dealer so we can spray up your new sensors prior to installation.

All our work is carried out at your home or place of work allowing you to get on with the things you need to do.
To get a price for front and or rear sensors on your vehicle please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email