The Trident device will monitor your vehicles battery and vehicles ignition supply.

In the event of theft where the ignition has been switched on, you will need to notify Global Telemetrics control centre where they can look into recovery of your asset. The device also includes a built in backup battery to enable the device to remain active even when the vehicle battery is disconnected. Additional features can be added to help further protect your vehicle on request.


The Trident cost just £229 including installation followed by your preferred subscription below.
  • Direct Debit: £12.99
  • Annually: £149
  • 2 years: £249
  • 3 years: £339
  • Duration of vehicle ownership: £549

Secure Online Account

This device includes a full online account which allows you to view both the current and historical locations and journeys of the vehicle. The online account also includes features such as geofences and access to data reports. The online account is paired with a mobile app, so you can access the vehicle’s location at any time.

Global Telemetrics App 

The Global Telemetrics app is available for Android/Apple devices. This will show you up-to-date location information.

Optional Alarm Input

An aftermarket alarm can be connected to the tracking device, if the alarm sounds Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre will make contact to ensure the vehicle is safe. Please confirm with your installing company before installation.

Remote Immobilisation

Optional remote immobilisation feature can be installed to this tracking device. With this feature you are able to immobilise/mobilise your vehicle via a button through your online account or app Please confirm with your installing company before installation.

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