This product is a self track tracking device and is able to track vehicles to your own secure online account. The tracking system is ideal for all types of vehicles; Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Vans, LCV, HGV, Plant, Boats, Trailers, Fleet, tractors, Diggers and much more.


The cost of the uTrack is subject to vehicle type and how many you require. Please use our contacts page for further information or call us on 07501844880

– Direct Debit: £6.83 + VAT – Annually: £82.00 + VAT


The extensive reporting suite gives you the ability to generate reports against vehicle activity such as total driving time or daily overviews. Reports can be automatically generated at a requested interval and will be sent for your viewing via email.

Secure Online Account

This device includes a full online account which allows you to view both the current and historical locations and journeys of the vehicle. The online account also includes features such as geofences and access to data reports. The online account is paired with a mobile app so that you can access the vehicle’s location at any time.


Be notified in the event that a vehicle battery is low or disconnected or if the vehicle exceeds a specific speed limit. Our innovative technology is also able to inform you of repeated speed offences by tracking the speed regulations of roads each vehicle travels.

Global Telemetrics App

The Global Telemetrics app is available for Android/Apple devices. This will show you up-to-date location information.

Vehicle Grouping

Group vehicles together to organise your fleet and filter viewing.


One virtual perimeter can be placed around a location of your choosing on the map. If your vehicle leaves/enters this location, you will be notified by email or push notification via the mobile app. For example, you can be notified if a vehicle enters a port or race track or leaves a storage area.

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