Vehicle Tracker

Protect your investment with a SmarTrack Tracking Device, an award winning stolen vehicle tracker brand winning 21 Industry Awards within 8 years.
 SmarTrack devices use the latest in tracking technology having built in aerials making the trackers harder to trace. Our tracking devices (trackers) use GPS, GSM and GPRS to send information to the to the Secure Global Telemetrics Control Centre
 By installing a vehicle Tracker unit to your vehicle, motor home, caravan not only gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected it could also save you money on your insurance renewal


Free Mobile apple / android App

Whether you are looking for added security or wanting to keep your family members safe, you can now locate any of your vehicles using the free apple or android app. This will give you added peace of mind whilst away over sea's or even just away from the vehicle for longer periods.


Want added security then why not upgrade to a DRS Tag unit.
By adding this feature SmarTrack will always know it's you behind the wheel. In the event of your motor vehicle being moved, without the presence of this Tag you will receive a call to check if your vehicle has not been stolen.


Another great feature that is also available is the ability to immobilize your vehicle in the event of theft or even just for your own use whilst away on holiday 


Pricing start from just £229 with installation and is subject to vehicle and location so please feel free to contact me via phone or email for more information


Here are just a few vehicles I have secured with a either a Cat 5/6 Tracker.

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